It's a great skill to fit a rock in a life space so that it preserves it's nobleness, outlines and natural singularities, not looking as an showpiece. That skill is a virtue of Kosutica – specialized company for import, treatment, installment and protection of marble and granite. Kosutica successfully operates in South Europe for 20 years now and it fulfills all criteria of modern architecture.

Due to a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we invested in modernization of production, as in importing marble, granite and semiprecious rock from all over the world.

Kosutica has a team that fulfills all investor demands from projecting to installment of interior and exterior. The proof are multiple projects done in the country and worldwide.

The owner of the company Zeljana Vucic comprised all her business philosophy in one quote: "Nature is the biggest artist. There are just originals in nature. Every rock and his component is unique, just like every human being is unique. Our mission is to discover the secret of rock and to shape it so that it shines in all his beauty".